9 Types Of Periods Anyone Who’s Had A Period Will Recognize

And most of them are terrible. Period.

The “Leaky” Period

The "Leaky" Period

This period REALLY likes to ruin your favorite pair of underwear. Sure, you may have misjudged the amount of flow comin' on down the pipeline, but that's no excuse for this period to be as wet, squishy, uncomfortable, and just plain rude as it is.

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The “Spotty” Period

The "Spotty" Period

This period is known for its inability to make a decision. Honestly, its theme song is “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by the Clash. It's not a full-fledged lava flow, but it would be easier to predict if it was.

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The “Chunkster Period”

The "Chunkster Period"

This period really wants you to KNOW it's there. It brings all kinds of bodily debris out of your vagina along with it — and it has the consistency of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. The outcome looks like a murder scene, but somehow it's also oddly satisfying.

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The “Phantom” Period

The "Phantom" Period

This period is a living, breathing raised middle finger. You've got cramps, are craving anything chocolate, and are maybe a little more emotional than usual, but there are no signs of a bloodbath down there. It's the type of period that you WANT to get over with.

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